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Role of the P&C

Our role in the school

P&C Associations are an officially recognised forum where anyone interested in the welfare of students attending government schools can meet to discuss educational issues.

"The objects of an association are to promote the interests of the school or group of schools for which it is formed through –

  1. Co-operation between parents, teachers, students and members of the general community;
  2. Assisting in the provision of resources, facilities and amenities for the school or schools; and
  3. The fostering of community interest in educational matters. "School Education Act 1999, part 3, division 8, subdivision 2, section 143 (1)

P&Cs give parents an opportunity to learn about the school's policies and programs; organising ways in which parents can share in shaping and developing school policies; bring parents together to share information and views; assist the school in building positive attitudes to students and their families; and help raise funds to provide extra resources.​

Role of the President

  • The successful functioning of the P&C Association
  • The attainment of the P&C Association's objectives
  • Ensuring that the P&C Association takes part in decision-making processes in the school
  • Fostering fair participation of all members and ensuring that all new members are made to feel welcome
  • Supporting volunteers
  • Consistent adherence to the constitution
  • Acting as the P&C Association's spokesperson when public statements or actions are needed
  • Setting up lines of communication with the Principal
  • Being signatory on the Association's bank accounts
  • Chairing meetings but, in the absence of the President, one of the Vice-Presidents will chair the meeting or the meeting can elect a chairperson from the members present for that meeting.

Role of the Vice Presidents

  • To support the President
  • To step in for the President in the event they are unable to fulfil their duties
  • To oversee and support the sub-committees in their specific duties and ensure they are aligned and consistent with the P&C Executive.

Role of the Secretary

  • To be responsible for carrying out the administrative tasks related to the decisions of the meetings as resolved.
  • The Secretary prepares, in consultation with the President, all meeting agendas.
  • The Secretary is required to attend every association meeting and take notes of the discussions in order to produce a set of minutes for subsequent distribution to members and for receipt, possible amendment and adoption at the following meeting. (In the absence of the Secretary the meeting should elect a person to take the Minutes, this person should be identified in the Minutes.)
  • Receiving and tabling all correspondence as well as writing and dispatching outgoing correspondence as resolved/appropriate.
  • To issue notice of all meetings
  • Maintains official records of the P&C Association such as the constitution, by-laws, rules of subcommittees, Incorporation Certificate, ABN details, list of financial (voting) members, Minutes, Attendance Book.

Role of the Treasurer

  • Whilst all P&C members must be mindful of complying with financial accountability requirements, this is the Treasurer's primary responsibility.
  • The Treasurer receives and deposits monies, maintains records and draws cheques.
  • Presents a report in the form of an income and expenditure statement together with a reconciled bank statement for each and every P&C meeting.
  • The Treasurer also ensures that all funds held and handled by P&C are properly and openly accounted for.
  • Treasurer is responsible for all funds held in the name of the P&C. This includes the canteen and any other P&C committees. This does not mean that the Treasurer must undertake the actual bookkeeping themselves but they must ensure that the various sub-committee financial records have been kept to the Treasurer's satisfaction.
  • The Treasurer is a signatory on the P&C accounts and should not delegate this responsibility.
  • The Treasurer should encourage members to understand the state of the P&C finances. The Treasurer must ensure a case book or books are kept, recording all financial transactions of the P&C Association.