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Welcome to the Oak Flats Public School Parents and Citizens (P&C) Association Web Pages.

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At Oak Flats Public School, we have an active and functioning P&C Association. Here is a brief overview of what we do:

  1. Canteen: - The OFPS P&C operate the school canteen and employ a canteen supervisor who is responsible for the profitable management and operation of the school canteen according to the policies and procedures of the OFPS P&C. A canteen sub-committee meets once a month comprising of an elected convenor, treasurer, and committee members.
  2. Catering & Chaperoning School Events:- Our P&C is heavily involved in catering and chaperoning school events such as our popular school discos held once per term, athletics carnival, mothers' day stall, fathers' day stall and various morning teas.
  3. Fundraising:- We have a dedicated fundraising committee that meets once a month. Our mission statement is "To develop, organise and administer fund-raising activities in order to support the School Plans. A strong partnership support a better future."

One of the OFPS P&C Association's primary goals is to raise money to help support our school.  At the end of each year, the OFPS P&C Association Fundraising Committee agrees on a draft fundraising plan for the following year. With input from our school community, the Fundraising Committee is able to decide on and implement fundraising strategies and work in partnership with the OFPS Principal in deciding how the money will be spent.

In preceding years, our fundraising teams have been able to contribute monies towards the purchase and installation of the digital school news board, the extension of the undercover walkways throughout the school, towards numeracy and literacy aids for classrooms and the purchase of hats for each kindergarten child as they commence their journey of school learning.

One of the most rewarding aspects of being a part of the Fundraising Committee, and being involved in the various fundraising events; is the opportunity to meet new people and socialise at all stages of planning and implementation. The team works hard putting events together however we also have a lot of fun! The personal rewards from volunteering your time, skills and effort can be as simple as seeing the smiling faces and excitement of students at various fundraising events. 

The Fundraising Committee is always looking for new ideas and new helpers, so please get involved if you can.  There are a variety of activities which change from year to year thanks to the input of the parent community, whilst others have become a tradition at Oak Flats Public School. The School Disco, Mothers' Day and Fathers' Day Stalls are examples. 

Commonly Asked Questions

Who can be involved in the OFPS P&C?

Anyone is welcome to come along to a OFPS P&C meeting, our meetings are open to parents of children at our school, teachers and local citizens. Primarily, most people who attend are parents of children at our school.

Do I need to be a ‘member' of the OFPS P&C to come to meetings or volunteer?

Not at all! There is no obligation to be a member of the OFPS P&C. We have an open door policy and encourage parents and teachers to come to a meeting and have some input, give feedback, or just listen to what is happening at the school. Membership is only required if you wish to hold an executive position (such as president, treasurer or secretary), or have an official vote on major decisions. Membership is $1.00 for the year.

Why we encourage attendance and participation to a meeting?

The OFPS P&C makes decisions that affect all students at the school. The more school families that give input at meetings, the more we are able to ensure that the decisions we make are the right ones for our school community. And different people have different ideas and experiences – it may be that you have an idea we haven't thought of, or perhaps have had some experiences that we can learn from.

Do I need to attend every meeting?

No. The OFPS P&C meets once a month during term times. There are no set number of meetings you have to attend. You are welcome to come to as many meetings (or as few!) as you wish. We understand that sometimes there may be no one to leave your children with, so if you need to bring the children along that is fine. We meet in the school staff room so bring some activities for them to do like reading, colouring in or even homework!

If I come to a meeting, will I be given a job to do, or pressured to volunteer for something?

No. There is no expectation that you will volunteer just because you came to a meeting.

While we appreciate any and all assistance you can give, we understand that parents have outside commitments (after all, we are parents ourselves). From time to time at meetings, and through the school newsletter, we will ask for help with various fundraising or school community events.

If you can help or volunteer some of your precious time, that is great and most welcomed. Whether you are able to give an hour or two once a year to cook some sausages at a BBQ, or have the time to spend a couple of hours a week in the canteen, we will gratefully accept whatever assistance you feel able to give at the time.

Have a question?

These are questions we often get asked, if you have any other questions about the P&C, please contact the school office, who can refer you to the appropriate person for an answer.